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Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023

Awesome Monday people, that's the way to work!!! Please sign up for the CrossFit open if you want to have some fun and enjoy the team atmosphere!!!


Bent Over Rows 6x6

5 mins Pistol Practice (1-leg squat)


25 Back Squats (75/115)


4 Rounds of

12 Devil Dogs (35/50)

12 OH Plate Alt. Lunges (25/35)


25 Back Squats (65/95)

THIS IS IT! "Open-like' workout but notice the added lbs. on 2nd set of squats. Cutting off your wind while working endurance and VO2 max, getting the most out of ur oxygen. Please exhale after EVERY CONTRACTION. For Time, I am looking for a bit of attrition about 15-16 mins, Some will crush it and get done around 12 and a couple and go toward 20 but the rest will stay somewhere in the middle!!!

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Wednesday, June 23,

Skill 40 Jack Knives 4x6 1-Arm Rows (heavy) WOD 2X8 min EMOM W/ 2 min rest between EMOM #1 5 Thrusters (55/75) 5 Burpees 2 min rest EMOM #2 5 DB Snatches (35/50) 5 Toes to Bar

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Skill: 3 mins Ab callouts 3 mins Muscle up practice w/ transitions and rows WOD 20 mins :30/30’s Power Snatches (65/95) Back Squats (65/95) Box step ups w/ Dumbell (35/50) Hand Stand Push ups (1 stric

Monday June 17, 2024

Skill 40 GHD’s/TTB OR 60 Jack knives 5-rep Max OH Squat WOD “The Chief” Max rounds in 3 minutes of: 3 power cleans(95/135) 6 push-ups 9 air squats *Rest 1 min. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.


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