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Saturday, July 1, 2023

4th of July classes will be 9 and 10am

ATTN: If you can, PLEASE BRUNG $10 (or whatever) as a donation to a go fund me account. Our partners in CrossFit, and friends from Rock Solid have taken on some major issues. Owner Mike Armento's wife has just battled through brain surgery. It is cancer and the go fund me account will be quite useful as they battle!! Please keep them (Mike, Tara and family) in ur thoughts and prayers . The money we put up will be helpful and Elation will match your generous gifts. Again, that is for Tuesday.

Saturday's WOD

23 mins

Teams of 2 or 4 WOD:

Tire Flips

Sand Bag Cleans w/ shoulder toss

Riding Bike or Rowing

squatting ladder

2 mins at each

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