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All About the GFit Nutrition Program

Many of you have seen the signs around the gym and have heard Coach Mike talk about the GFit Nutrition Program. You can sign up at any time for four months of access to their site. We are running our group 28 day challenge starting Monday January 16! LET'S GO! Sign up now at this link

Here is a great explanation of what the program offers, taken straight from the GFit Instagram page:

"YOU GET STARTED by answering basic questions

so our system can calculate a safe calorie range for healthy weight loss. This allows you to pick from our recipes to build custom meal plans that fit your personal numbers.

With this approach, your diet is controlled and

calculated. All while still fitting your tastes and


BY SIMPLY EATING YOUR MEALS YOU WILL FOLLOW AN APPROACH that fits your personal calorie needs, Reduces excess carbohydrate consumption with low-carb approach, Ensures optimal protein intake, and Incorporate a balance of healthy fats.

Your only responsibility with our program is to pick, make, and eat the recipes you enjoy most.

AFTER YOU PURCHASE THE PROGRAM you will have 4 months of unlimited access (special offer) to build personalized meal plans, support your lifestyle, or complete multiple 28 Day GFit Challenges.

ONCE YOU START A CHALLENGE you will pick a start date that works best for you. We will then prep you for your challenge with a checklist and video.

In a 28 Day Challenge you will see daily video coaching, checklists, weigh-ins, and built-in accountability to compliment your meal plans.

A SHORT DAILY VIDEO will appear each day with a new topic for 28 days. The video guidance, support, education, and "why" behind it all is what ties this experience together. The information is

timely, organized and relevant to each day. WE ADD ACCOUNTABILITY with weekly weigh-in and waist measurement. You will also track your

meals. But unlike other programs, you DO NOT

need to track calories or macros.

You simply check off each meal after you eat. We use gamification to make it fun, motivating, and habit forming. You will be scored by tracking the meals you eat and the number of perfect days completed.

WE DID EVERYTHING WE COULD to create a digital experience that replicates everything I would do when coaching a client. A program that relies on my 15 years of experience working with thousands.

The GFit Challenge is the ultimate step-by-step gameplan and digital dietary experience.

IF HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS IS YOUR GOAL Then I personally guarantee the GFit Challenge will not let you down."

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