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Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Deadlifts 4x6 @ 75-80% 8! sets of 3 burpees w/ :10second Rests


24 min :30/:30’s

8 Rounds of

Box Step ups w/ plates (pinch 2x10/15)

Power Snatches (75/115)

Bench Press Wipers (75/125)

*very last min do wipers entire time.

HERE IT IS: Hitting the Strength hard this week!! Ideally we are lookin to hit Min 5 reps on each, if less, drop lbs!!! If more than 8 reps-bump it up for an Rx plus!!!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2024

Skill 35 GHD’s/TTB/knee ups (50 Jack knives) Thrusters 4x6@75%1RM WOD 21-15-9-3 Power Cleans (95/135) Devil Dogs (35/50) TTB (Toes to Bar)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Awesome Murph Day - 27 showed up and Conquered!!! LET’s KEEP IT ROCKIN!!! Skill 3 min AMRAP:2?wall w 3 Wall Ball Squat Cleans 3 Mule Kickst :10 secs ‘unlocked’ Hand Stand Hold 4x6 Romanian Deadlifts @


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