KAREN Walton has been a member of the box since opening day- 2,568 days or 367 weeks ago. I also had the opportunity to coach her at CrossFit Inspire (along w/ Betsy)!!! We are certainly goin to miss her as she spends a bunch of time in Beautiful Florida. I’m sure she’ll be back to visit!!! I ll miss ya bunches.

Today’s WOD: 2,568\7=367 weeks; 367 reps / 9 movements= 41 reps Per move!!

WOD 41 DoubLe Unders

41 Goblet Squats

41 Hollow Rocks

41 Push ups 41 Russian Twists

41 KB Swings

41 Alternate Knees to Elbows

41 1-arm Rows (each)

41 Dying Bugs



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Monday, October 26, 2020

Wow!!! MATT FRAZER AND TIA TOOMEY destroyed the field to win the CrossFit Games - AGAIN! in honor of that we will b doing there last workout - almost! “ATALANTA” 1 mile run 100 Hand stand pushups 200

Sunday, October 25, 2020

NOTE: Please reportPlease report yourPlease report your challengePlease report your challenge resultsPlease report your challenge results byPlease report your challenge results by fivePlease report y

Saturday, October 24, 2020

What a great first week of the challenge - let’s keep that excitement going! WOD 24 min AMRAP 10 -TIRE FLIPS 250m Row/run 1 lap/ or Ski erg 30 Dumbell Snatches (r/l=2) 30 Kb Swings 20 pushups booty ab

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