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Tuesday, May 23, 2022


30 GHDs

4x8 Front Squats


“Death by. Power Snatches and 4 Burpees” (65/95)

16 min minimum increase snatches

THIS IS IT: GAS it! Totally try to get everything out of your lungs in the last two rounds. At three and four, if you are are already past 30 seconds then drop your numbers down to three Burpee‘s, and then to. If you fail or should I say when you fail, go back down to the 15-16 min mark, do Bent over row and hang Power Snatch combo or complex For the entire minute!!!

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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Warm up:: 3 mins cardio - bike row, shg re ee we a 3 mins AMRAP PUSH UPS SIT UPSM SQUATS MM 2 laps jog 1/2-1 PVC THRUSTERS PROGRESSION WOD ”CHIPPER” 70 Dumbell Snatches (35/50) 60 PULL UPS 50 Thruster

Friday Fun Day 7/19/24

WARM UP!!! - Partners :30 Med Ball soccer throws :30 Basketball passes :30 Rugby passes (R) :30 Rugby passes (L) :30 Toes to Toes 2 mins Wall Walks Ab Circle PVC WOD 4 min AMRAP 6 HSPU’s 6 Wall Balls

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Warm Up for Testing Thursday Tabata Row/Bike/Ski/Rope-singles or Dubs Tabata Jack Knives 1 min Hole Sit 1 min OH Db carry PVC PVC SNATCH progression 5x5’s at 60-70% WOD 30 Power Snatches (55/75) Then,


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