Tuesday March 17, 2020

Hello All!!! 1-day down!!! Hoping you all had some good work on Monday. I will be putting out a few videos beginning tomorrow with workouts for you to follow. In the mean time - here’s 2 to keep you busy:

12 Min AMRAP

3 Inch Worm (push up)

5 Plate Sit ups (15/25)

7 KB Goblet Squats (35/53, any)

2 Rounds

60 Dying Bugs

50 Mountain Climbers

40 KB High Pulls

30 Burpees


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Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020

Congrats to Ron for a big win in the 60-day challenge, week 5. Skilly 3-rep max Squat Clean WODs 1-10-1 of Burpees to a plate (45) power Cleans (95/135) Toes to bar 24 min time capital Rowvember 250m.

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