Thursday, July 29, 2021

Check out the 60-day Challenge info!!!


Accountability Challenge starts 8/2/21! For 60 days, we challenge you to improved nutrition, more sleep, challenging and rewarding workouts, and improved mental fortitude. Take control of your life through weekly check-ins and community support. There will be a $30 entry fee for all participants. For non- members, join for $69 for a 2 month unlimited membership. All current members are upgraded to unlimited membership if participating in the challenge. There will be weekly rewards as well as a final cash prize! Change your mindset!

#dreambig #setgoals #takeaction #crossfitelationchangeslives


max Push ups in 1 min

Rest 2 mins

max HSPU in 3 mins


21-15-9 of

Bar Over Burpees

Front Squats (75/115)

Push Presses (75/115)

Wall Balls (14/20)

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