Sunday June 23, 2019

Happy Birthday to Elation's youngest member/coach--Seanny! Little Man is 8 years old today!

Good luck to Dave Long Sr and Jr in the Savage Race! REPEAT BABY!


8 air squats

8 V-Ups

8 Box Step Ups

8 Sit ups

8 Push ups

8 Broad Jumps

8 Mountain Climbers

8 Burpees


Partner WOD We are having some fun!

20 min AMRAP -

1 minute Sledge Swings

Prisoners Carry around building w/ 10 Squats each on the corners (partner carries plate OH)

Ascending Rope Climb

Descending Sled Push

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TUESDAY 2/23/21

THE 9:00 class is a go!!! CLASS IS AT 9:00 this morning!!!

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