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Saturday September 10, 2022

EMOM for 5 rounds:

Min 1: 10 shuttle runs (25 ft.)

Min 2: 1 rep of barbell complex- deadlift, clean, hang clean, jerk (pick your weight)

Min 3: 10/12 cal row or 6/8 cal bike

Min 4: as many wall walks as possible

Min 5: rest

We got a little bit everything in this wod today! Cardio, weightlifting and some gymnastics.

Shuttle Run – Go hard on this run cus it's right after the rest. You want to complete this in :45 seconds or less, so scale the reps down if you need to.

Barbell complex – go as heavy as possible! Can even add more weight each round as you get warmed up. (Note: this is the same complex that was done in the Open Wod 21.4 if you want to go back and see what your score was!)

Row/bike – This shouldn't take more than :45 seconds. Work to get to the prescribed calories in under that time. But, if you can't, it's ok to do less cals so that you're only working for :45 seconds.

Wall walks – Go the whole minute here and then get a one minute rest! Push to maintain the same amount of wall walk reps throughout each round.

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