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Saturday October 22, 2022


Every 4 mins for 20:00:

15 cal row (or 10 cal bike/15 cal ski/run 1 lap)

12 Front Squats (65/95)

9 bar facing burpees

Workout description:

Every 4:00 you'll start a new round of this which means the goal is to get some rest! You'll complete 15 cal row (or other cardio substitution), 12 front squats (should be unbroken so modify weight accordingly), 9 bar facing burpees, then rest until the 4 minute mark. If the clock starts to catch you, drop reps to 12-9-6. If clock still catches you, then it will just turn into a 20:00 amrap at 12-9-6 reps with no rest between rounds. Try to move FAST so you get some rest!

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