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Saturday March 16, 2024

Hey Elation Nation! Who wants a chance at 200 pairs of Philly sports teams home game tickets? Consider helping Sean raise money for his Warriors travel baseball team trip to Cooperstown NY in August. $20 per raffle ticket. Second and third place prizes aren't too shabby either!! See Coach Mike or Sue for a raffle ticket! Thanks so much!



4 Tabatas: (4 mins/:20work, :10 rest)

  1. Bike/Row/Ski Erg

  2. Tire Flips

  3. Sand Bag clean n shoulder toss

  4. Ball Slams

Rest 1 min

2 mins - Max reps Devil Dogs (35/50)

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Monday, July 15, 2024

Warm up 3 Rounds of :30 Toes to Toes :30 T-claps :30 Med Ball Thrusters (14/20) :30 Ball ( WOD W by by by put ya ya ye Thrusters (65/95)

Sunday, July 15, 2024

Warm up Tabata jump rope singles Tabata alt. Air squats and Sit ups Tabata Bike (Mix up start) PVC Progression WOD Testing fun: 2 mins wall Balls 2 mins KB Swings 2 mins 2 mins ***Rest 3 mins*** WOD 1

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Warm up 2 mins cardio Band stretches - 3 mins 2 Rds of: :30 Jumping Jacks :30 Toes to Toes :30 Lunges :30 Plank Hold Abstractor PVC PVC SQUAT SNATCH progression White Board Debriefing BATHROOM/water b


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