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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Warm up

:20 JJs

:20 toe touch/sky

:20 Mountain Climbers

:20 plank hold

:20 Hip Raises

3 Rounds

1 min bar Hang

25 GHD’s/TTB/ or 35 Jack knives




3 mins Each - 4 Rounds (24 mins total) BUT YOU ONLY DO THE MOVEMENTS THAT U WANT TO DO!!! I suggest practicing all of them, but…


Power Cleans - mini ladder 2-4 each weight

Rope Climbs - 1-2 at a time or 3

Slam Balls


5 Tire Flips

6 Sand Bag over shoulder throw

7 Sledge hammer Swings

8 parking spots sled pull

Having fun in an endurance style setting

A bunch of explanation. Please try to be on time and be patient if waiting for equipment!!

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