Outdoor Class Signup!

We are starting back tomorrow (Monday 6/15) with outdoor classes! We'll be offering a couple classes per day. See the link below to the Google Sheets for sign ups. There is a tab on the spreadsheet for each day of the week. We'll release each week's class schedule for signups on Sundays. It will be limited it to 7 members per class. If you sign up and then can't make it, please just go in and delete your name as soon as you can! Since we don't know how much interest there will be, this is just a baseline on what class times can be offered. If there is a class time that you want and it fills up, please contact Coach Mike to discuss other options. We are open to suggestions.

We have been working hard the past few months to give the box a new and improved look. We are so excited to have you all back! LET'S ROCK

Sign up here:


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