Monday March 16, 2020

Hello everyone! Here’s what’s happenin’!

As of Monday, we are open on a day to day basis (mostly dictated by numbers). I will be putting out a skill, a WOD and an AT-HOME WORKOUT each day. My equipment will be available to “sign out”, you will then be totally responsible for that equipment or the replacement.Therefore, we will be diligent about cleanliness, but ultimately, you are responsible for yourselves and cleaning up after the workout. I have buckets of disinfectant cleaners and rags set up strategically across the box. Have a great couple of weeks and looking forward to normalcy!!!

Skill: Pendlay Rows 4x6

1-Arm Rows 3x8 each arm


40-30-20-10 of-

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (55/75)

Double Unders

Plate Situps

At-Home WOD:


HR Push ups

Double Unders

Plate Situ ps

*Remember - you can sign out Kettlebells or whatever for home at 8:30-9am or 5:30-6pm.

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