Monday, August 3, 2020

I wish to thank everyone for your support and your input concerning our Elation and CrossFit status. I care about all of you and I am so “Elated” to be your coach. The feedback that we received was well thought out and we enjoyed reading all of the Responses. We did not support Glassman’s statements but we do believe that the new owner is making the necessary changes And improvements that will help CrossFit be respected throughout the fitness community again and allow the smaller boxes (Ours) to have a voice!! All that being said: We will remain CrossFit Elation!!! Thanks all- now let’s get rockin again. We pulled off an incredible feat by finishing in the 85% percentile worldwide in the open (Especially with the size of our box Being in the bottom 10%), LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!


coach Mike n Sue


1 min plank; ! 3x6 Good Mornings

3x6 Bent over Rows


5 Rounds of:

12 Floor Wipers

12 Power Snatches (65/95)

12 Toes to Bar (or 20 legovers)

12 Pendlay Rows (65/95)


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