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Monday, April 8, 2024

How was your first week of the 60 day challenge? Looks like some people are serious about this so let’s go.!!!

Paperwork is due by Monday evening. If you cannot make it in, make sure I get a copy by email or text.


Sumo Dead Lifts

4x6 (work your way up But do 4 working sets of six


8 Rds of :30/::90 alternating bike/Row/ski

8 Rounds :30/:30’s Alt. Bar/DB Snatches


64 Double Unders or 40 Crossovers

Xtra Core/Abs

10 Rds of :30/:30’s

Jack Knives and Hollow Rocks


Run 1 lap

Do 10 40m sprints 4 yellow poles on side

Run 2 laps for time!

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Sunday, May 26, 2024

MEMORIAL DAY — “MURPH” MONDAY 8:30 and 10am WOD 21*15*9*3* of- Power Snatches (65/95) Back Squats (65/95) *= 3 Wall Walks Extra Abs/Core: 50 Bicycles 40 GHD’s 30 Alt KTE 20 Sit ups W/ plate (25/35) 10

Sat. May 25, 2024

Memorial Day classes on Monday 5/27 will be at 8:30am and 10am for Murph! WOD 7 min AMRAP 7Thrusters (55/75) 7 cals Assault Bike Rest 1 min 6 min EMOM 6 Bench Press Floor Wipers (75/115) REST 1 min 5


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