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Friday February 17,2023


LET'S GOOO! Go register and let's have some fun!

23.1: (14.4 REPEAT)

Complete as many reps as possible in 14 minutes of:

60-calorie row

50 toes-to-bars

40 wall-ball shots

30 cleans

20 muscle-ups

♀ 14-lb ball to 9-ft target, 95-lb cleans

♂ 20-lb ball to 10-ft target, 135-lb cleans


Rx’d (16-54)

♀ 14-lb ball to 9 ft, 95-lb cleans

♂ 20-lb ball to 10 ft, 135-lb cleans

Scaled (16-54)

♀ 10-lb ball to 9 ft, hanging knee raises, 65-lb cleans, chin-over- bar pull-ups

♂ 14-lb ball to 10 ft, hanging knee raises, 95-lb cleans, chin- over-bar pull-ups

Teenagers 14-15

♀ 10-lb ball to 9 ft, 65-lb cleans ♂ 14-lb ball to 10 ft, 95-lb cleans

Scaled Teenagers 14-15

♀ 10-lb ball to 9 ft, hanging knee raises, 45-lb cleans, chin-over- bar pull-ups

♂14-lb ball to 10ft, hangingkneeraises, 65-lbcleans, chin- over-bar pull-ups

Masters 55+

♀ 10-lb ball to 9 ft, 65-lb cleans, muscle-ups ♂ 20-lb ball to 9 ft, 115-lb cleans, muscle-ups

Scaled Masters 55+

♀10-lb ball to 8ft, sit-ups, 45-lbcleans, jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

♂ 14-lb ball to 8 ft, sit-ups, 65-lb cleans, jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

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