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Friday Feb 8, 2023

21-15-9-3 of


Bar facing burpees!

*** 25 Double Unders. After each set!

THIS IS IT: I know this may seem like a tough work out, but the lower numbers make it very manageable and remember please, do not always be obligated to go RX! Modifications can be used very efficiently

Modifications can be used very efficiently

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Sunday, April 21, 2024

WOD SUNDAY/Funday!!! WOD 20 mins AMRAP 3 Tire Flips 6 Wall Balls 9 Thrusters (55/65/95)ll Walk 12 push ups Xtra core/abs 60 GHD’s Cardio Bike 2500

Saturday April 20, 2024

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Friday April 19,2024

WORKOUT 3 from Age Qualifiers For time: 3 rounds: 10 handstand push-ups 20 toes-to-bars 2 rounds: 10 strict handstand push-ups 5 rope climbs, 15 feet 1 round: 10 chest-to-wall handstand push-ups 20 mu


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