Friday August 30, 2019

“B L A C K. J A C K”

one of our awesome members is preparing to take on cancer, Chemo and everything that goes with it!!! We want to send our love, thoughts and prayers! Most people think Black Jack is a game of chance but people that study the game, work hard, know how to bet and mostly, “PUT IN THE TIME”, can actually change the odds of winning and actually sway the percentages in their favor!!! This one’s for you Mary - battle!!!

BLACK JACK-(all equals 21)

20 Push ups, 1 Sit up

19 Push Ups, 2 Sit ups

18 Push Ups, 3 Sit ups

continue this sequence till

2 Push Ups, 19 Sit ups

1 Push up, 20 Sit Ups

Luv ya!

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