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Effective immediately, we have made the decision to close the gym for a minimum of one week. Classes for the rest of today have been cancelled. We will re-visit the situation next week. In the meantime, we will be posting on-line workouts and videos that can be done at home. We will also loan out equipment (except for bars and bumpers) so that you can continue with your fitness at home. We will be at the box tonight from 4-6pm to sign out equipment. We will start to look at other options to bring you fitness after this week, such as smaller group sessions via signups only. While we understand how essential your fitness is to each of you, we want to contribute to the well being of our entire community. We got this Elation Nation. Stay Strong!

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Warm up w/ 2 mins of each cardio 30 GHDs or TTB WOD 8 min AMRAP 2 Wall Walks 6 OH Squats 10 Box Jumps REST 2 mins 8 min AMRAP 2 Pulling (clean) Complex 6 Bar Over Burpees 10 KB Swings

LET's Gooo!!! 5 Rounds of- :1:00 Power Cleans (55/75) 1:00 Pull Ups 1:00 Wall Balls (14/20) 1:00 Push Jerks (55/75) 1 min Rest Round 2: (65/95) Round 3: (75/115) Round 4: (95/135) Round 5: (115/155

Wodopalooza workout --- 45 Deadlifts 45 hand St push ups Break it up anybway/any how 7:00 min Time Cap Or finish Then, we will work on Oly lift - snatch!!!

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