April 24, 2022

HAPPY B-DAY DREW!!!! 4/23/73 age 49


4 Rounds of

12 Power Snatches (65/95)

12 Floor Wipers w/ a Press (65/95)

12 Box Jumps

13 KB Swings (35/53)


49 High knees Sprints

THIS IS IT: a Steady shoulder blaster today with some box humps to wind you a bit more. This one is about the snatches, try to get those done within a min (:05 per)! If u need to modify, cut out press, lower box reps to 10. Try to maintain lbs n reps w/ snatches and KB Swings!!! Fun Bday WOD for Drew!!!

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Skill: 25 GHD’s 5-rep max Front Squats- use help if necessary. WOD 12 mins of- 3 Back Squats (115/155) 5 4-count Dead Lifts (115/155) 7 Jumping Lunges Rest 2 mins 5 mins of- 5 KB Swings (35/53) 5 KB

WOD 20 min AMRAP Ascending Power Snatches (65/95) 3 Devil Dogs Then, 2 mins max Dumbell Snatches (35/53)

A version of “the CAPITOL” from the CrossFit Games: WOD 20 Tire Flips (heavy) Run 1 mile 200 meter (1 lap) Farmers carry (2x35/50) 200m Sand bag hug carry FOR TIME!!!!