Thursday March 26, 2020

Let’s keep it rockin!


Tabata Side Plank (R)

Tabata Side Plank (L)

Tabata Plank Alt. Knee to opposite Tri

Rest 2 mins

50 Dying Bugs

50 Push ups with pLate on ur back

50 Alt. Assisted Pistols (or 1-legged squats



Dead Lifts

KB High Pull

Bent Over Rows (bar or Dumbell)

* if access to pull up bar, 20 Deadhangs

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Skill: 25 GHD’s 5-rep max Front Squats- use help if necessary. WOD 12 mins of- 3 Back Squats (115/155) 5 4-count Dead Lifts (115/155) 7 Jumping Lunges Rest 2 mins 5 mins of- 5 KB Swings (35/53) 5 KB

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