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Thursday Mar. 2, 2023

Check out the previous blog post on parlays for the last week of the Open announcement! Get your picks to Mike by 3pm!

Also, make sure to come hang out at the box Friday night! Do the Open wod, cheer others on doing the wod, eat pizza, and chill! Celebrating finishing out another fun year of the Open with our Elation crew.

HAPPY BDAY LAURA 3/2/77 Age 46


23 Scapula Push Ups

23 Crunches


3 Rounds of,

12 Barbell Grround to OH (55/75)

11 KB Goblet Squats (lighter)

12 Push Ups

11 Sit ups w/ a plate (10/15)

1 min. Rest


23 Double Unders

23 Hanging Knee ups

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