Saturday Feb 29, 2020

We are proud to announce our partnership with The Weekly Fight, where we provide free workouts for Veterans, Veterans’ families and First Responders. Each workout is dedicated to a Veteran making an impact on the community. Our first dedication will be today, and every Saturday, at 8:30am. We would love to see all of you there as we share in this special partnership. Join us for partner/team workout. Our old friend Marty Kenny will be giving the opening remarks tomorrow.

This week’s dedication is to Brian Shotwell, a US Army Veteran who found transition through health fitness and founding of his company Honey Beard Protein.

Partner WOD

5 min each movements


1) plate Squats (25/45)

2) Box Step ups

3) Dumbell Snatches(35/50)

4) KB Swings (35/53)

5) Upper Abs

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