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Monday March 13, 2023

ATTENTION: please take a look at the previous post. We are running a March madness pool, Get in on the fun and keep track of all of your winnings!

Good luck Rooster in your hip replacement surgery tomorrow! And Joe, we are anxiously awaiting your triumphant return to the box! Coach Mike ... maybe next!


40 jack Knives

3x8 Slow motion pull-ups. Jump if necessary


BUY IN: 10 3-position push ups

Bike 3 mins then:

4 Rounds of

8 Floor Bench Presses @60% 1RM

6 Busters (Back Squat Thrusters) 60%🔝

4 Wall Walks

CASH OUT: 10 3-position push ups

THIS IS IT: chest/Shoulder lactic acid burn!!! if you do not understand or know, you're one rep max you can use the clean as the guide. 3 will start at a time as the others wait and we will have heats every three minutes. Tuesday will b LEG DAY!

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