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Monday, August 22, 2022


Bent Over Rows 4x6@80% 1rm/70% pc

1-Arm Rows 3x8 each


“Heavy Randy”

75 Barbell Power Snatches (65/95)

Then 75 Dying Bugs

THIS IS IT: Hero WOD, try to kill it by huge sets. RL=1. That being said, use a weight that you can get min 5 in a row. I do not want this to b a 24 min workout.

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Thurs. June 20, 2024

Happy birthday WOD for Karen and Tara! Average age: you could probably figure out! Skill 49 Hollow Rocks Back Ssuats 3x8@75% of 1RM B-days WOD 49 KB Swings Then, 7 Rounds of: 7 Squats (choice- Back (7

Wednesday, June 23,

Skill 40 Jack Knives 4x6 1-Arm Rows (heavy) WOD 2X8 min EMOM W/ 2 min rest between EMOM #1 5 Thrusters (55/75) 5 Burpees 2 min rest EMOM #2 5 DB Snatches (35/50) 5 Toes to Bar

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Skill: 3 mins Ab callouts 3 mins Muscle up practice w/ transitions and rows WOD 20 mins :30/30’s Power Snatches (65/95) Back Squats (65/95) Box step ups w/ Dumbell (35/50) Hand Stand Push ups (1 stric


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