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Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022

We are heading to Miami to cheer on Coach Cassie at WODAPALOOZA! We will send results back and video via our wFacebook page when we can! The gym's schedule for the next 6 days are listed below.


4x4 Pulling triplet

Bent over Rows, Shrugs


4 Rounds

15 Power Snatches (65/965)

20 KB Goblet Squats (35/53)

25 KB Swings

30 Front Squats (65/95)

21 min time cap!!!


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Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024

Skill push Press 3x8@65-70% 5 min WOD "Karen" (150 Wallballs - ALMOST 80 Wall Balls 60 Double Unders 40 Push Jerks ((75/115) 20 Pull ups

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024

Skill Ab Circle 4x8 Romanian Deadlifts (60% 1 RM) WOD (Endurance workout!!) 18*15*12*9*6*3* Deadlifts (135/185) Toes to Bar Dumbell Snatches (35/50) * 5 Burpees 24 min time cap

Monday, Feb. 19, 2024

LET's GOOO! Sign ups for the Open have been rockin, reserve your spot!!! Also, the 60-Day CHALLENGE begins March 1. Check out our sign up deals for friends, ex-members, family, rivals!!! All info will

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