Monday, April 25, 2022

WHOOT WHOOT!!! We had 3 age group quelifiers: Betsy,Magic Mike, and Dave “the Rooster” Long Sr. Congrats to all 3 with a special shout out to Dave Long who qualified for the last level of competition before the games! Betsy did very well and one of the workouts, magic did very well overall it was banged up a little bit, Dave finished 23rd in the world. Top 30 advance in June. The top 10 out of those 30 will go to the games in Madison Wisconsin !!! Let’s go Dave:!!!


1 Round of the Ab Circle

1 rep max Front Squats


3 mins Burpees

3 mins DB Snatches (35/53)

3 mins cardio (ski, bike, and Row, 13Run,etc)

3 mins Chest to Bar pullups

3 mins Wall balls

This is it: Reps, If you have to modlift, lower the Weight. Trying to work the entire 3 mins. Staying steady.

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