Wednesday May 13, 2020

keep it up guys, things are rockin at the box!!! There will b some changes initially and hopefully before long we will back to the real deal!!! June 4 (Governor Wolfe) will be the 1st day we will even consider the CDC numbers!!! Some gyms will defy the info and open early, we will not. We will do what we can to get rockin in smaller groups and gradually progress to normalcy!!! I will post a plan but it will be based on your input and our common sense!!!

Elation will be better than ever!!! I promise you that I will work hard to bring us together and make that happen!! Now let’s get back to our Zoom wods:


Max Plank hold - 3x

Max Hole Sit - 3x


30 Min EMOM

6 Rounds of 5 movements:

10 Shoulder to overheads

12 Burpees

(rest remaining time til next minute)

15 Sumo Dead Lift High pull (65/95)

20 Pushups

30 Dying Bugs

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