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Wednesday, June 1, 2020


Deadlifts (Romanian style) 4x6)


15*12*9*6*3 of


Box Jumps

Power Cleans (75/115) * = 10 Mountain Climbers

THIS IS IT: We are still recovering a little bit from Murph but this is a good challenge for strength. Little bit heavier on the power cleans if possible because we are back on our heavy training cycle. Hitting the shoulders and chest with inverted push-ups probably still a little sore from Murph But this will really finish breaking everything up.

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Abvent 25 Plate Sit-ups 50 Sit-Ups 75 Dying Bugs Skill Power Cleans 4x6@70-75% 1RM WOD 5 Rounds :30/:30's Hang Power Cleans (75/115) C2b Pull ups Deficit Zpush Ups

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