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Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022

The OPEN is upon us, and here are a few thoughts: the WODs are announced on Thursday at 3:00 p m. Fridays workout will be the OPEN WOD!! Leading up to the day that you will be doing the OPEN, here are some suggestions:

2 days before should be active REST! Movements with light to mid-range weight, light Tabatas, 12-15 mins bike or Row, some stretching is always good, bands and push-aways are good!!! The day before calls for a little bit of movement, light bike (5 mins), and practice transitions, do NOT go heavy, even if just practicing. Diet is important also. Small meals early with some good carbs pre workout (I love a banana with honey and about 4 oz protein drink). I hope this is useful! Go hard but don’t forget how blessed you are and have fun baby!!!


Tabata Bicycles

Tabata Cardio (light)


12 min AMRAP

1 Wall Walk

8 Thrusters (55/75)

6 Toes to Bar

4 Sprawl Burpees

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