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Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021

ATTENTION: ELATION MEMBER APPRECIATION AND ANNIVERSARY PARTY - OCTOBER 2nd st 4pm. There will be food drink music, Corn hole tournament, Jenga, ping pong tournament and much more. WHOOT WHOOT!!!


1 rd Ab circle

1-rep max Dead lifts


16 Min EMOM

1 Bent Over Row (65/95)

1 Hang Power Snatch

3 Power Snatches

1 Squat Snatch

1 OH Squat

*if Fail: - 4 Power Snatches

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Abvent 25 Plate Sit-ups 50 Sit-Ups 75 Dying Bugs Skill Power Cleans 4x6@70-75% 1RM WOD 5 Rounds :30/:30's Hang Power Cleans (75/115) C2b Pull ups Deficit Zpush Ups

ABVENT 8 Rounds of 10 vertical scissors 10 Horizontal scissors 10 Heel Rocks :10 Crunch hold 10 Jack Knives :10 Crunch Hold WOD 3 Rounds of 10 Jumping Lunges 15 Back Squats (95/135) 10 Jumping Lunges

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