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Tuesday, 12, 2022


1 rd of Ab circle (1/2 reps)

3-rep Squat clean n Jerk


3 mins max Power Cleans

3 min Rest


12 min AMRAP

9 Pull ups

12 Bent Over Rows (65/95)

15 Shoulder to OH (65/95)


Drain the

The first three minutes the idea is it go to complete exhaustion. Recover for three minutes but you should get back to 85% or so your strength and use that strength for the last 12 minutes.Looking for a minimum of five rounds here so if the first round takes longer than three minutes waiting to load a little bit.

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Wednesday, June 23,

Skill 40 Jack Knives 4x6 1-Arm Rows (heavy) WOD 2X8 min EMOM W/ 2 min rest between EMOM #1 5 Thrusters (55/75) 5 Burpees 2 min rest EMOM #2 5 DB Snatches (35/50) 5 Toes to Bar

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Skill: 3 mins Ab callouts 3 mins Muscle up practice w/ transitions and rows WOD 20 mins :30/30’s Power Snatches (65/95) Back Squats (65/95) Box step ups w/ Dumbell (35/50) Hand Stand Push ups (1 stric

Monday June 17, 2024

Skill 40 GHD’s/TTB OR 60 Jack knives 5-rep Max OH Squat WOD “The Chief” Max rounds in 3 minutes of: 3 power cleans(95/135) 6 push-ups 9 air squats *Rest 1 min. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.


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