Thursday, December

No classes in the morning but stay tuned for evening update!

Lets have a CHALLENGE!!!!

$20 WAWA gift card for the best video of:

30 BURPEES IN THE SNOW!!! Pregnant may do Sprawl Burpees!!

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March 8

A credit card was picked up in the parking lot and turned in, did anyone lose one?

Monday, March 8, 2021

Skill 30 Sit ups muscle up attempts and training WOD TABATA Jack Knives TABATA Back Squats 50% of 1RM then,t 12 min AMRAP 10 Deficit Push ups 8 Back Squats (75/115) 6 Dumbell Snatches (3 each-Alt.) 4

Sunday, March 7, 2021

WOD ”FIGHT GONE BAD” 5 Rounds 1st round warm up 1 minute each Wall Balls Sumo DLHP(75/55) Box Jumps Push Press(75/55) Rowing/Biking/Skiing Rest 1 min

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