June 22, 2019

Today's special wod!

We will be one of the boxes participating in this wod to remember Levi Asia who passed at 2 months of age from a rare variation of mitochondrial disease.

It will be our workout of the day at the 8:30am class. Please come out and show your support!

We are asking everyone to please bring a $5 donation with you to the box if you come tomorrow. We will put it all together and donate to the cause as CrossFit Elation. Some other gyms have gathered donations and we wanna top em! (If you don't have cash on you, feel free to Venmo Cassie)

Let's get a big group there tomorrow morning and have some fun doing this!! Come on Elation Nation!

Visit the link below for more info.




Teams of 2:

800m run

30 power cleans (115/85) 20 TTB

600M run

20 PC (135/95)

30 TTB

400m run

10 PC (155/105)

40 TTB



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